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CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal finally in space !

Arianespace Vega Flight VV16 Rocket Launch


Another quick and successful mission on this 4.8m antenna upgrade at Eutelsat. Replacement of an old controller by our ACU550, and installation of AZ and EL optical encoders . Antenna is back on track.

July 2020


Proceeding with TR1 upgrade – installation of optical encoders AZ and EL and replacement of the ACU350 by the ACU550 + ADAPTOR

June 2020






Motor replacement on TR1 antenna : 9m Vertex Ku Band Steptrack.

February 2020

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

The ambitious project of the University of Grenoble

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

The rocket launch

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

Payload design

Our latest systems for Airbus Defence and Space​

7.5m Ku Band and 15.5m C Band.

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat videos

Teaming up for success.


A satellite designed by students.

What is a nanosatellite?

Trade Shows

NPC SYSTEM was present at AfricaCom from 12th to 14th November 2019. 

NPC SYSTEM was present at China Satellite from 30th October to 1st November 2019. 

NPC SYSTEM was present at IBC on 14th and 15th september. 

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

AMICal Sat : Launch postponed

CSUG Nanosatellite launch coming soon...

NPC SYSTEM is proud to be part to the AMICal Sat launch, first (but not last) nano-satellite built in CSUG. The launch is scheduled for the 5th of July, be there or be square!

NPC SYSTEM latest Monopulse System

NPC SYSTEM is finalizing the last tests on this monopulse system for NATO site, shipping is scheduled for June 11. 

This monopulse system controls a 9m Alpha Satcom antenna in Ka Band. Both motors are managed by variable speed inverters giving necessary high torque at low speed allowing precise movements when locked on a satellite and tracking it using monopulse tracking. 

Highly efficient monopulse tracking algorithms are executed by NPC SYSTEM latest generation of controller NEYRPIC®ACU550

Strengthening our team

Pierre has thirty-five years of international experience contracting for major companies such as Harris, Scientific-Atlanta, L3, GD Satcom and Viasat.

He worked in installation, testing and commissioning of earth stations and satellite networks and was often in challenging environments including conflicts areas. He also has several years’ experience in operation and maintenance of earth stations, project management and logistics. He was happily retired in Thailand but we managed to pull him out of retirement to join the NPC SYSTEM team.

Pierre will manage our ASIA-PACIFIC operations from Bangkok and promote the NEYRPIC satellite tracking systems product line. 

He will be involved throughout the entire process from initial contact to system commissioning. 

We welcome him and wish him luck with his new endeavor.