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System upgrade : ALTICE Sintra

Successful upgrade of another 9m vertex in Ku Band with our NEYRPIC® ACU550 controller.

February 2022

Thank you SpaceX

Great success with the launch of ThingSat, one of 105 spacecrafts deployed by Falcon 9 from SpaceX part of the smallsat SSO rideshare program.

NPC SYSTEM is delighted to be part of this NewSpace adventure with the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble (CSUG) and will continue to take on new challenges with students and professors.

                                                                            January 2022

On-site training : ORANGE Bercenay

Our engineers took a drive to Orange Bercenay teleport for an in-depth hands-on technical training to help Orange personnel keep these big dishes tracking for many years to come.

                                                                 November 2021

Site visit : MARLINK Aussaguel

Visit the Aussaguel site for some NEYRPIC tracking systems upgrades installed for our long-time customer Marlink.

October 2021


And on the same site, here is one of the original Globalstar antennas, cutting-edge technology designed by Thales Alenia Space.

These fast antennas equipped with an XEL axis and equipped with the NEYRPIC system follow 48 LEO satellites allowing zenithal passage.

140 NEYRPIC systems have been delivered to GLOBALSTAR worldwide and some are still fully functional. This “avant-garde” project was magnificently orchestrated by Thales Alenia Space 20 years ago!


                                      October 2021

Site visit : ORANGE Bercenay

Meeting with a long time customer Orange at their Bercenay Teleport where several NEYRPIC systems have been deployed over the last 4 decades. All 32m and 21m antennas on this site are controlled by our NEYRPIC tracking system and many upgrades later, these NEYRPIC systems are still running. One 32m has even been fitted with our latest ACU550  controller.

                                                                                            October 2021



Our engineer intern supported by the whole R&D team updated the NEYRPIC® ACS550 to control this 1.8m transportable antenna. New motors, new encoders, new mechanical interfaces and modified software control to GPS, Compass, and inclinometer. All transportable functions are fully operational. We will be able use this antenna with the NEYRPIC® ACS550 to test our digital tracking receiver: NEYRPIC DTR-500 prototype.   

                                                                                                                   September 2021 

NEYRPIC satellite tracking system 50th anniversary

Our customers made it possible and we thank them for their trust and loyalty. Enjoy this teaser.

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On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

Last update at EUTELSAT before a short break for the summer.

This 4.7m antenna in Ku band has brand new motors and encoders and is controlled by our NEYRPIC ACU550 controller.

July 2021


On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

Proceeding with the upgrade program at EUTELSAT. This old 5.5m Alcatel antenna now equipped with brand new encoders and controlled by NEYRPIC ACU550 tracks.

June 2021


Last week, two NEYRPIC systems have passed Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) conducted with our long-time customer THALES ALENIA SPACE. They will equip 2 more 6.3m Ka band antennas for EUMETSAT in LARIO in Italie and LEUK in Switzerland.

May 2021


On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

Our team was back on the Rambouillet site to upgrade the last 2 Andrew tracking systems installed on these three 3.7 m antennas. They are almost ready to track with new motors, encoders, limit switches, PDUs and controlled with our NEYRPIC®ACU550.

May 2021

On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

New mission for our team, a complete overhaul on this 3.70 m Andrew : motors, limit switches, optical encoders, PDU, controlled by our ACU550

April 2021

On-site mission : EUTELSAT Rambouillet

It was not the North Pole but almost. Our team braved the sub zero temperatures at Rambouillet to finish up the upgrade of this 9m Vertex with the replacement of the motor and gear box on EL axis.

February 2021

Cofabrik RH, expert en recrutement

“L’équipe de CofabriK RH, menée par Lédicia Spacil a su capter les valeurs et l’identité de NPC SYSTEM en se plongeant au cœur même de notre organisation. Leurs connaissances de l’industrie des hautes technologies et des métiers ont été source de précieux conseils.
Leur méthodologie rigoureuse avec une communication régulière et transparente en a fait un véritable partenaire de notre croissance.
Cofabrik RH a été en mesure de traduire nos besoins et poursuivre les recrutements dans une démarche systématique de qualité malgré une année 2020 compliquée, signe d’un mode de fonctionnement performant et d’un savoir-faire indéniable. Je félicite l’équipe COFABRIK RH pour son implication dans ce partenariat !”
Guy Ferraro, directeur général de NPC SYSTEM.

“Covid-19” Product

No, this product has nothing to do with the pandemic, except that it was developed during the first lock down we had (mid-March to mid-May). Our engineers designed this RF Monopulse scanner plate to be used with our Ka-band tracking system. It passed all tests with flying colors. It is now packaged and ready for customer pickup.

Covid-19 upgrades at TELENOR Norway

This covid-19 pandemic lock down forced us to change our ways of doing things; We distance-trained this customer and supported him over the phone to allow him to upgrade 4 systems (13m and 9m Vertex monopulse, 8m Vertex steptrack) with our NEYRPIC®ACU550.

November 2020

AMICal Sat

First image of #AMICALSAT from  and @SINP-MSU

November 2020

On-Site Mission - ALTICE Portugal

Just a couple of days, on Portugal’s coast, to upgrade 2 systems on this long time customer site. 2 NEYRPIC® ACU550, 2 AZ and EL encoders replacements. Both antennas are back in tracking in no time.

October 2020


Going from one project to another… Here is a new Power Drive Unit under test in our facility in Saint Martin d’Hères for a 9m antenna.

October 2020

This one goes to the East : 13.2m Ka monopulse system for TIANYI Satcom

This system has it all : 2 brushless motors on each axis AZ and EL, NPC Backlash Compensation System, 21 bits optical encoders and  our NEYRPIC ACU550 monopulse.

September 2020

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal finally in space !​

Arianespace Vega Flight VV16 Rocket Launch​

On-Site Missions - EUTELSAT Rambouillet

Another quick and successful mission on this 4.8m antenna upgrade at Eutelsat. Replacement of an old controller by our ACU550, and installation of AZ and EL optical encoders . Antenna is back on track.

July 2020


Proceeding with TR1 upgrade – installation of optical encoders AZ and EL and replacement of the ACU350 by the ACU550 + ADAPTOR

June 2020






Motor replacement on TR1 antenna : 9m Vertex Ku Band Steptrack.

February 2020

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

The ambitious project of the University of Grenoble

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video​

The rocket launch

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

Payload design

Our latest systems for AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE


7.5m Ku Band and 15.5m C Band.

February 2020

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat videos

Teaming up for success.


A satellite designed by students.

What is a nanosatellite?

International events

Russian Space Mission

Invited by the French embassy in Moscow for a spatial scientific mission, NPC SYSTEM initiated contact with local officials and business owners in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, capital of Russian satellite industry.

December 2019

CSUG Nanosatellite AMICal Sat video

AMICal Sat : Launch postponed

CSUG Nanosatellite launch coming soon...

NPC SYSTEM is proud to be part to the AMICal Sat launch, first (but not last) nano-satellite built in CSUG. The launch is scheduled for the 5th of July, be there or be square!

Strengthening our team

Pierre has thirty-five years of international experience contracting for major companies such as Harris, Scientific-Atlanta, L3, GD Satcom and Viasat.

He worked in installation, testing and commissioning of earth stations and satellite networks and was often in challenging environments including conflicts areas. He also has several years’ experience in operation and maintenance of earth stations, project management and logistics. He was happily retired in Thailand but we managed to pull him out of retirement to join the NPC SYSTEM team.

Pierre will manage our ASIA-PACIFIC operations from Bangkok and promote the NEYRPIC satellite tracking systems product line. 

He will be involved throughout the entire process from initial contact to system commissioning. 

We welcome him and wish him luck with his new endeavor.

July 2019


NPC SYSTEM latest Monopulse System for INSTER Madrid

NPC SYSTEM is finalizing the last tests on this monopulse system for NATO site, shipping is scheduled for June 11. 

This monopulse system controls a 9m Alpha Satcom antenna in Ka Band. Both motors are managed by variable speed inverters giving necessary high torque at low speed allowing precise movements when locked on a satellite and tracking it using monopulse tracking. 

Highly efficient monopulse tracking algorithms are executed by NPC SYSTEM latest generation of controller NEYRPIC®ACU550

June 2019

International events

NPC SYSTEM was present at CommunicAsia 2019 – Singapore

June 2019

NPS SYSTEM was present at SATELLITE 2019 – Washington  

May 2019

NPC SYSTEM was present at NAB SHOW 2019 – Las Vegas

April 2019