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Though various M&A, NEYRPIC® satellite tracking systems have gone from NEYRPIC to Alstom to General Electric and finally to NPC SYSTEM.

Backed by 40+ years of satellite tracking experience, NPC SYSTEM proudly continues to develop and supply NEYRPIC® satellite tracking systems for civil and military applications. With an installed base exceeding 900 systems in more than 70 countries, NPC SYSTEM perpetuates NEYRPIC’s know-how to design systems for all types and sizes of fixed and transportable antennas.

NEYRPIC tracking systems around the world can be downloaded here :

Our products


By popular demand from major customers, on December 2020, NPC SYSTEM took on the challenge of developing its own digital trackcing receiver. Undergoing through a research and development process in a middle of worldwide pandemic, juggling with successive covid variants triggering a major raw matériel and electronic shortage crisis was….challenging, but so enriching and 100% worthwhile.

NPC SYSTEM is happy to broaden its tracking system portfolio with the NEYRPIC DTR-500. It has been designed with the same rigor that made NEYRPIC products successful for 50 years, to meet the most demanding expectations of the industry from simple steptrack applications to TT&C and LEOP critical missions. It is available in any band from L to Ka and can hold up to 4 internal BDC.  


The innovative modularity of the latest generation NPC SYSTEM microprocessor-based Antenna Control Unit provides the flexibility
to track geostationary and low orbit satellites with all types and sizes of fixed and transportable antennas.

Thank you SpaceX

Great success with the launch of ThingSat, one of 105 spacecrafts deployed by Falcon 9 from SpaceX part of the smallsat SSO rideshare program.

NPC SYSTEM is delighted to be part of this NewSpace adventure with the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble (CSUG) and will continue to take on new challenges with students and professors.

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